Recent developments in the application of Nanotechnology have made it one of the most exciting and innovative technologies of the 21st century. Although it has recently become the trend to use the word "nano" as a marketing and promotional tool, its true meaning is synonymous with access to the properties of substances at the molecular and atomic level. Nanotechnology deals with the analysis, production and application of structures smaller than 100 nanometers. The aim is to understand new properties of objects at the nanoscale level and their effects, and implement this knowledge in technical developments and applications. The word "nano" is derived from the Greek word "nanos", meaning dwarf. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter (0.000 000 001m). 

A characteristic feature of nanotechnology products is the size of their surface area relative to their volume. For the same volume, these products have a much greater surface area than conventional structures. This is the reason for the extremely good adhesion of Nano products to various substrates.  Nanostructures can have physical or chemical properties which cannot be observed in larger (macroscopic) objects. Thus, the chemical nanotechnology brings matter in a different form by intervening in their molecular structure. It creates new materials whose components can be nanoparticles. By varying the composition, shape, size or surface components, these nanoparticles can be brought into new forms, according to the desired properties of the materials. 

ECO.CALIBRE offers a new generation of safe, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions which are safe for people and kind to the environment. Base ingredients are selected from naturally occurring products such as fatty vegetable extracts, ingredients used in the food industry and some substances that are also found in the human body. During the unique blending process, these ingredients are combined to form a solution that is safe to use on all water tolerant surfaces.

The blending process creates billions of micelles. These are collections of cells which come together to form groups known as micelles as shown in the diagram (left). Each component has a hydrophilic group which attracts water and a hydrophobic group which repels water. The hydrophobic group tries to get out of the water and so aligns itself along with its neighbours to create a micelle which typically is spherical in shape.

Micelles act as emulsifiers that allow a compound that is usually insoluble in water to dissolve. ECO.CALIBRE products work by inserting the long hydrophobic tails from the solution into the insoluble dirt (such as oil) while the hydrophilic head faces outside and surrounds the nonpolar dirt ready for extraction. As a result, each micelle complete with its package of oil and grease can be washed away since the outside of the micelle is soluble with water. This is the reason why ECO.CALIBRE products clean oily and waxy substances from dirty surfaces without using bleach, butyl or other petrochemical based solvents. Micelles also help clean the skin. Many facial washes use micelles to perform this task. They clean the skin by removing oil and other substances and are simply washed away with clean water. This is the technology used in ECO.CALIBRE Cleaning Solutions, which is why they are safe and non-toxic.

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