is a protective coating for all kinds of natural textile substrates. The highly flexible and durable impregnation bonds with the fibres within the fabric to provide the substrate with a hydrophobic layer that prevents saturation. When water comes in contact with a treated substrate, the majority is repelled (beaded) off the substrate. Some of the liquid may be retained on the surface, however the liquid is unable to bond with the fibres of the substrate, reducing the risk of staining or damage.



         - 1 Litre can coat up to 10m2.

      - Protection can last up to 10 washes.

   - Simple, user-friendly application.

- Ideal for all types of natural fibres.

Water based (Solvent free)

Easy to apply 

Lasts up to 10 washes

Invisible to the eye hydrophobic coating once applied to the fabric

Environmentally Friendly using the latest nanotechnology 

Maintains the original feel & texture of any fabric 

Non toxic

Coated textiles remain breathable.

Where can                          be applied?

Any natural textile or fabric

Clothing / Fashion Accessories / Uniforms 

Sports wear


Canvases / Awnings 


Carpets / Sofas / Curtains 

Car Interiors 

Outdoor Activity Protection for hobbies such as; fishing /

camping / running / cycling / horse riding / boating / climbing / hiking / skiing / etc 

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