- Can be used to clean anything from windows and glass to textiles and even those stubborn stains.

 - Easy to apply and user friendly.

 - All in one cleaning product.



No VOC’s

User Safe

Safe pH


Safe for most surfaces

The everyday impact on the environment from industrial and commercial effluent is disastrous. It is not just the illegal dumping of chemicals that causes damage. Every time we use harsh cleaning products at home or at work we release these compounds and solutions into the drainage system. Many of these products are still active and do not biodegrade, and as a result kill the micro-organisms present in our rivers and lakes. This has a chain effect by killing food sources for other aquatic flora and fauna. ECO.CALIBRE is safe for water, plants and animals and is biodegradable.

Safe for the environment

No harsh chemicals 

Many traditional cleaning solutions produce V.O.C’s (volatile organic compounds )which exhibit as strong odours affecting the airways and breathing. Some countries have set limits on V.O.C’s to try and reduce the impact on the human body. ECO.CALIBRE products meet all the new regulations and do not produce V.O.C’s to affect the respiratory system.


Many cleaning chemicals used in industrial and commercial cleaning are known as “caustic products”. This means that the products are able to burn or corrode organic tissue by means of chemical action. Many industries use these products as de-greasers in process plant. The difficulty is ensuring that staff observe all the correct safety procedures and equipment. In addition, chemical run off must be treated before being discharged into the sewerage system. This is a dangerous, expensive and time consuming process which can be simplified to reduce costs. ECO.CALIBRE products can clean just as effectively but without any of the dangers.

ECO.CALIBRE works well at many different applications and can be used similarly to most household cleaning products, however, to get the best possible results, there is a better way!


1: Foam the product onto the surface you wish to clean.


2: Leave the foam to work for a couple of minutes as it allows it to get deep into the pores of the surface, providing a deeper clean.


3: Use a microfiber cloth to agitate the surface where necessary (especially on tough spots) and wipe off the product, rinsing the cloth as you go.

Multi-Purpose cleaning                                                                                                                                       Kitchen

                                     Windows                                   Bathroom                                                           

                                                                                                        Wood                                                          Glass

  Heavy and light degreasing                 Painted surfaces                          Worktops

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Car cleaning                                                                                                       Stone           

                                           Hard surfaces     Textiles                             Tiles                        Upholstery


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