Prasinus Holding Ltd. was established to help industries become more 'green' and environmentally considerate by reducing air and chemical pollution from day to day business through our 'ECO' brands.


What is  Nanotechnology?

RALLE-GLASS is a hydrophobic glass coating designed to keep windscreens clean and improve visibility when driving through muddy, wet conditions. Developed with rallying in mind, RALLE-GLASS can be a crucial advantage when you are trying to set a good time! RALLE-GLASS works to increase visibility in any wet driving situation. When driving at speeds over 30mph, water simply dbeads straight off the surface,  reducing the dependence on window wipers. 

Guartex is a leading hydrophobic coating for all types of natural textiles. By coating the individual fibres of the natural substrate, the coating provides a stain resistant, water resistant protective layer that remains completely breathable and flexible. 

ECOUREA is committed to offering full service solutions to businesses that wish to help and preserve the environment, in turn offering customers a more sustainable industry. ECOUREA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of NOx reduction technologies and products such as reagents: Marine Urea (AUS40), AdBlue (AUS32), Ammonia Hydroxide all for use in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce NOx emissions. 

ECOCALIBRE has developed a range of environmentally safe cleaning and coating products with the aim of minimising the number of harmful, damaging products that are common place across the globe today. Our range consists of solutions for every day use at home to bespoke solutions for industrial clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we can reccommend the best possible solution to fit their requirements,

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